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British recycling company develops polyester waste recovery technology

A British waste polyester recycling company is teaming up with dupont ti man thin film (DTF) to develop recycling technology, with plans to build a plant with an annual capacity of 10,000 tons. The technology, known as Poseidon Plastics, turns polyester waste into recycled materials (BHET) to make PET raw materials.

?? The company previously operated the technology on a scale of 1,000 tons per year. The second generation platform (Poseidon Process) will increase it tenfold. The "Poseidon Process" focuses on recycling problematic waste streams (such as trays, cans, containers, fibers/fabrics, and all types of polyester composites) into consumer grade (r)BHET. Detailed engineering design of Poseidon's 10,000 ton per annum facility will begin on site in the first quarter of 2020.

?? As part of this agreement, DTF will support Poseidon in a series of tests and processes to turn BHET into PET polymers and BOPET thin films, as well as help them address regulatory and legislative standards surrounding the industry. With the help of the DTF, Poseidon Plastics plans to build and operate the 10,000-tonne plant at its Teesside site within 18 months.

?? Martin Atkins, CEO of Poseidon, said: "improving the supply chain of the PET recycling economy has been one of our main goals, focusing on hard-to-recycle PET waste."

?? DTF global technical director Dave Wall added, "we believe that this type of monomer recycling will play an increasingly important role in promoting the recycling of PET, opening up new waste streams that currently cannot be mechanically recycled economically, and providing a high value end market for recycled polyester."

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