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Sodium styrene sulfonate is briefly introduced

Sodium styrene sulfonate is a polymer monomer with unique function, which is used in reactive emulsifier, dyeing aid, water treatment agent (dispersant, flocculant), photogenic agent (diaphragm), electrification prevention agent, semiconductor, image film, heat conduction products, etc. It is mainly used for the third monomer of acrylic fiber dry production.

Sodium styrene sulfonate has the following characteristics:

1) stability, aggregation resistance and consolidation resistance during preservation;

2) thermal stability: excellent in heat resistance, no decomposition under 300℃;

3) aggregation: as a kind of sulfonic acid monomer, it has a high degree of aggregation by virtue of the induction effect of its binding to the sulfonic acid base on the para position; 4) general initiators can be used to achieve free radical polymerization.

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