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Potash fertilizer: hope phosphate compound fertilizer after the recovery

Recent domestic sales of potash fertilizer is not free, the industry will look forward to phosphate compound fertilizer ideas after the collision of good news.

In terms of supply, the equipment of qinghai salt lake group is in normal production, and the inventory remains stable. The delivery price of 60% powder crystal of salt lake group's benchmark product is 2180 yuan (ton price, same below), and the regional transaction price is 2050-2100 yuan. The enterprise to potassium chloride promotion effect is not good, the market slowly advances, the price temporarily stable. Qinghai local small factory opening rate is not high, 57% powder station quote 1830~1860 yuan. Import potash market is flat, recently there are still some new goods have arrived. Inventory maintain a certain pressure, the contradiction between supply and demand prominent, 62% white potassium transaction price 2230~2250 yuan, the price of Russian red powder in 2080~2100 yuan. Border trade potash aspect, 62% Russian white potassium price maintain 2100 yuan or so.

Potash demand is still not improving, the downstream market is still sporadic replenishment. The purchase of basic autumn fertilizer was basically completed, and the new purchase of compound fertilizer was less. On the price, northeast area is big grain potassium chloride temporarily stable, clinch a deal price is much in 2200~2250 yuan, east China area, entrance potassium market is stable, 62% white potassium actual price 2220~2250 yuan, Russia red potassium actual clinch a deal price 2080~2100 yuan, central China area, southwest area 60% homebred potassium chloride clinch a deal price 2050~2100 yuan.

Potassium sulfate market supply is sufficient, the market continues to be depressed, downstream demand is poor. At present, mannheim potassium sulfate factory price began to lower in the north, the price war gradually started. Among them, the northeast area 50% powder 2600 yuan; 50% extruded round grain about 2700 yuan. Hebei 50% powder 2,550 ~ 2,600 yuan, 50% granules and 52% water soluble powder 2,650 ~ 2,700 yuan. Henan 50% powder 52% water soluble powder 2800 yuan/ton. Southern part of the tobacco bidding orders continue to execute, the southern and northwest part of the supply enterprises shipment is ok. Among them, mannheim potassium sulfate 50% powder 52% water soluble powder about 2900 yuan. Sichuan and chongqing area 50% powder 2800 yuan; 52% water soluble powder 3000 yuan or so. RMB 2,600 ~ 2,650 for 50% powder in northwest China; 51% water soluble powder 2,650 ~ 2,700 yuan.

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