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Yarn: air-flow spinning "downhill" traders shipment no improvement

According to the feedback from cotton yarn traders in jiangsu, zhejiang, guangdong and other places, the inquiry and shipment of low yarn such as oe8s-oe16s yarn and Pakistan 8s-16s siro yarn have been declining more and more obviously since mid-november. Denim factory, terry factory and low grade bedding to C21 and below yarn demand continues to decrease; Since September, some traders have started to reduce or suspend the purchase of air spun yarn and cotton yarns under 16S from India, Pakistan and Vietnam. On the other hand, expand the contract of c21-c40s in high quality blanketed cotton yarn with the shipping schedule of 12/1/2 month.

The brokers in Qingdao, Shanghai and other places indicated that the inventory of bonded and customs clearance air spun yarn in the port continued to increase slightly in recent half a month. Except for the unsatisfactory turnover of the floating yarn in C32 and C40, the overall turnover of the yarn was not active.

From the investigation, although the recent domestic yarn factory price generally increase 300-500 yuan/ton (count, the higher up the greater the space), the upgrading of the RMB exchange rate trend is obvious, but from the perspective of the statistics of traders, brokers, import yarn to "play, benefit" hope is not big, it is October/November downstream weaving, clothing, foreign trade orders situation improvement is not big, with the domestic market season approaching, the terminal consumer demand for low, middle and lower cotton back; Second, the sino-us trade negotiation is once again stuck in a deadlock. The decline of China's textile and clothing exports to Europe and the United States is becoming more and more obvious, which has more and more impact on enterprises. Winter is coming. According to customs statistics, in October 2019, China's textile and clothing export volume was us $22.868 billion, down 6.74% on a month-on-month basis and 1.67% on a year-on-year basis. Among them to the United States textile export decline is particularly prominent; Third, with a large amount of cotton inventory consumed by cotton textile factories, new cotton and imported cotton will be gradually purchased in 209/20, cotton yarn blending, quality and stability will be improved comprehensively, and the competitiveness of imported indo-pakistan yarn will decline.

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