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U.S. shale oil production hit a record 9.1 million barrels a day in December

In its November 18 monthly forecast, the U.S. energy information administration (EIA) said crude oil production from seven major U.S. shale formations is expected to reach a record 9.13 million barrels per day in December, an increase of about 49,000 barrels per day.

The largest formation, the Permian basin in Texas and new Mexico, is expected to increase production by 57,000 barrels a day to 4.73 million barrels a day, the smallest increase since July but offsetting expected declines elsewhere.

Production in the bakken region of North Dakota and Montana is expected to rise slightly by 9,000 barrels a day to a record 1.51 million barrels a day, according to the data.

At the same time, production in the eagleford and aladarko basins is expected to decline.

Permian and bakken production growth has been at the forefront of the shale boom that has helped the us overtake Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world's largest oil producer.

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