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thiourea dioxide

product name

Thiourea Dioxide (Formamidine sulfinic acid)

Molecular formula



molecular weight: 108.12,shape and properties:white crystal powder.


There are five kinds of package to meet the demand of both home and abroad: 500kg and 1000kg containning bags, 50kg fiber drums, 25kg plastic bags(with two inner layers), 25kg Kraft paper compound plastic bags, the products are exported to America, Japan, Europe, Korea and other countries and regions.


Thiourea dioxide has many advantages, such as high reducibility, excellent heat stability, nonpoison, tasteless, easy operation, efficience, transportation and storage convenient etc. It is an exchange product of sodium hydrosulphite. It can be extensively used in dyeing, paper making and other industries as kinds of reduction agent, bleach, decolorizer, plastic stabilizer, antioxygen of organic synthesis and sensitiet of sensitiet.

At present, its output is 4000t/y. The quality indexes of ? thiourea dioxide have reached the standard as bellow:

·  the thiourea dioxide content: 99% min

·  the content of risidual thiourea:0.1% max

·  moisture contentt:0.05% max

·  sulphate content:0.17% max

·  molysite content:10PPM max

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